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I like writing stories of any genre. There's not that much about me except I like writing SouthParkfics and attend to reverent my writing abilities up a notch. My favorite pairings are Kyman, Stanman and Style. I tolerate half of the straight pairings in the fandom and some of them are just--blah. Also, I do not tolerate any Kenny's pairings, they're not my cup of hot chocolate. Some of Kenny's pairings are okay, but with Kyle, Cartman and Stan? That's really gross because: 1. Kenny is like super straight and possessed with vagina and breasts as he sings it on the theme song and 2. We all know he's perverted and has a perverted mind, but it doesn't mean you have to turn him gay and hook him up with every male on the show. Geesh. Anyway, I like the pairing Kyman, Stanman and Style because they're interesting, cute, funny and perfect. Some people might not like Stan/Cartman since they barely interact to each other, but they do have an endurable friendship and they do get along as Cartman stated. "Isn't this fun, Stan? Just you and me hangin out without stupid Kyle around."I thought that was adorable of Cartman telling Stan how much he's fun to hang out.

My favorite pairings in order:

Stan/Cartman- They're badasses ;)

Kyle/Wendy- Too cute to handle!

Cartman/Kyle- The Nazi and Jew, perfect combination

Stan/Kyle- Really cute and popular

Stan/Craig- They both are the leader of their foursome group and have black hair.

Cartman/Butters- Super cute and hilarious

Stan/Wendy- Canon and cute

Stan/Bebe- Actually, I have no idea why I support this pairing--but I love it

Butters/Wendy- read above

Cartman/Clyde- Brunette power! Such an interesting pair

Stan/Butters- I always thought they make a cute couple

Pairings that I DON'T tolerate:

K2-What the fuck! How did this pairing gotten so popular in the SouthPark fandom? It's Gross and pathetic "No offense K2 fans, but Kyle/Kenny is yucky!

Dip/Damien/Pip- Eh, Damien only appear two times inSouthParkand Pip is dead.

Creek- I like Craig and all, but hooking him up with jittery boy who has a ADD disorder and drinks caffeine coffee uncontrollably is not cute.

Kenny/Butters- Blah, it's so corny and dumb.

Kenny/anyboy- Kenny is straight therefore, he should date girls, not boys.

My upcoming story (please don't mentioned my awful previous fic, which I had deleted for several reasons) are coming really soon. So be aware of my new story!
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deviantWEAR sizing preference: XL
Favourite genre of music: Pop, hip hop, heavy metal, spanish, Jpop, soul, techno
Favourite style of art: realistic and sculpture
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Philips
Favourite cartoon character: Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Butters Stotch and Kyle Broflovski
Personal Quote: "I'm not fat, I'm bigboned."
Whoo! I can't wait to write it! :iconpervysmirkplz:

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